Pension Payments

The Pension Payments are the 1099 earnings reported by the Office of the State Comptroller for the selected calendar year. The data provided represents payments to retirees of the State Employee Retirement System (SERS, the primary plan for state employees), as well as the Judges, Family Support Magistrates and Compensation Commissioners Retirement System (JRS), the Probate Judges & Employees Retirement System (PJERS), the State's Attorney Retirement System, and the Public Defender Retirement System.

In 2013, payments totaling over $1.55 billion were made to 48,268 individuals. These pension payments were made directly to retirees or to their beneficiaries. They represent the pensions of 47,020 retired employees. Additionally, the State administers the Alternate Retirement Program (ARP), a defined contribution program for some higher education employees. For additional information on state administered pension plans click here.

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This search provides the ability to view pension payments made to retirees or beneficiaries in the selected Calendar Year. To search for an individual retiree, enter the full or partial First or Last Name. To search for payments by amount, select the Range option and enter the desired value. Click the column headings to order the results.

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